STEP 1: Purchase Your Domain

Purchase a domain if you still haven't purchased one yet. We suggest Namecheap as it is the easiest to integrate with our software.

Choosing a domain:

  • Pick a domain that is in line with the product you are promoting.

    • Example: Elevate is the product you want to partner with so a good domain name could be "" or ""

    • Domains should not cost more than $15

    • Common domain names cost more as they are easier to find when searching on the web.

    • Choose a domain name that ends in ".com" or ".co" as these are. the most common domain names.


Cloudflare is a free domain hosting service that offers ease of domain integration and even an increase in site loading and site security. It's easy to set up too.

Here is how to set up your account in Cloudflare:

  1. Create an account on Cloudflare

  2. Click Add a Site

3. Enter your domain name

4. Choose the FREE Plan you will not need any other plan

5. Check if the CNAME records below are in your account. If not you will need to add them. If there are other A records or CNAME records other than the ones below, delete them. Please leave MX or TXT records they will not affect your domain

6. Click Add Record

Choose CNAME Record

Host @

Points to enter:

Set the Proxy Status to Proxied

Click Save

7. Click Add Record again

Choose CNAME Record

Host www

Points to: @

Set the Proxy Status again to Proxied

Click Save

8. You will now have to log back into your domain host (wherever you purchased your domain from. Examples: Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc.) and change your name servers to Cloudflare.

In Namecheap, you will click the "Domain List" on the left sidebar and then click the "Manage" button next to your domain. (This may be different for different hosts, but look for "Name Servers")

9. Scroll down to locate "Nameservers" and choose "Custom DNS" from the dropdown menu

10. Copy and paste the two name servers that Cloudflare provides to you as you see in the example below (scroll down to find your name servers inside your own Cloudflare account)

11. Now return back to your Cloudflare tab and click "Done Check Name Servers"

You will then be asked to Configure your domain settings

Click the "Get Started" button

Click Save on "HTTPS" rewrites to leave this feature on

12. Turn on always use HTTPS and click Save(this ensure your site is always secure)

13. Click all three boxes on the Minify screen and click save.

14. For Brotli leave on and click save (speeds up your site)

15. Then Click Finish

Add a page rule to your domain

  1. Click the Page rule icon at the top of the page inside of Cloudflare.

  2. Click the "Create Page Rule" button

  3. type in* (replace yourdomain with your domain name)

  4. For the settings choose "Forwarding URL" and then choose "301 - Permanent Redirect"

  5. In the "Enter destination URL" file choose type in$1 ( replace yourdomain with your actual domain name without the www)

  6. Then click "save and deploy"

Add your domain to your Oasis Account

  1. Go to the software and go to the settings icon.

  2. Click Add your domain and type in your domain without the www (example

  3. It may take a couple of minutes to update but you should notice your domain verify quite quickly on the Oasis Dashboard.



If your domain won't verify check the following:

  1. Check that you removed it from Clickfunnels.

  2. Make sure you did NOT add www to the domain when they added it to the software and that you do not have additional CNAME or A records added inside your domain host.

  3. If all the above is correct remove the domain from the software and re-add it again.

Note: It can take several hours to verify so wait for at least one hour before contacting Support.

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