Adding UTM Parameters for Organic Traffic

UTM Parameter Tracking for Organic Traffic

You can set up your dashboard to track for Organic Leads & Sales by creating UTM parameters.

Use this free online tool to complete this set up:

  1. Type in your funnel URL

  2. Fill in the following fields:SourceMediumNameContent

  3. Copy URL and use this link to when driving traffic from other sources.

Example: Source: Name of Product

Medium: Organic

Name: Facebook_Group_XYZ

Content: Batman_Comment_3

Copy the Product names exactly as they are below and paste them into your URL builder or software area:

  • Elevate

  • AgencyTycoons

  • Ascend

  • RMR (rewire my retirement)

  • CIC (clarity in crisis)

  • SAF (stone age fuel)

  • Breathe

  • Alpha

  • Rise

  • Breakthrough

  • OasisPartner (Oasis brand partner funnel)

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