To start using YouTube Ads you will need to set up your Google Tag Manager

Set Up Tracking For YouTube Ads Google Tag Manager

Installing A Google Tag

  1. Head to the admin section of your google tag manager account

2. On the right-hand side select "Install Google Tag Manager"

3. Copy the head code

4. Go back to your Oasis site.

5. Go to "Settings"

a. Click the "+" button under GTM code

b. Paste your code in the head section.

6. Go back to Google Tag Manager

a. Copy the body code

7. Go back to your Oasis site.

a. Go back to "Settings"

b. Click the "+" button under GTM code

8. Paste your code in the body section.

UTM Parameter Tracking for YouTube

  1. Go to your account settings in Google Ads

  2. Enter the following tracking template as shown below (change PRODUCTNAME to whatever product you are promoting). Be sure to copy the name of the product below and paste it exactly as it is (omit the words in brackets)

    • Elevate

    • AgencyTycoons

    • Ascend

    • RMR (rewire my retirement)

    • CIC (clarity in crisis)

    • SAF (stone age fuel)

    • Breathe

    • Alpha

    • Rise

    • Breakthrough

    • OasisPartner (Oasis brand partner funnel)

  3. For the Campaign Medium Enter YouTubeAds EXACTLY how it is written here. Copy and paste to prevent erros.


3. When creating ads, enter the values for the custom {_campaign} and {_ad} parameters for each ad under "Ad URL options (advanced)", such as in the example below (note you don't need to add the tracking template here if you added it on the account-level):

4. See this video (starting at around the 10-minute mark) for a more detailed walk-through:

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