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Please note that we are not accountable for your Facebook Ads errors. The only dependent variable to be tweaked here is your choice of words (i.e. your copy) alongside your pictures. There is nothing we can do to solve your problem if you are not following the clear guidelines outlined by Facebook! Don’t worry– you’ll catch on quick 😊💫

Facebook Ad Policy

How the Facebook Ad Review Process Works

How to Adhere to Facebook Ad Policy For Landing Pages

Facebook Ads Terms of Service

What to do if your Ads are shut down

How to Boost Your Trust Score with Facebook:

Here’s what to do if you are getting a lot of Facebook Ad disapprovals, so you don’t get your account shut down

FB Ads Business Help Center

FB Ads Appeal Link

Search any keyword on FB Business Help

Facebook Blueprint

Sentiment Analysis Tool (Needs at least a +1 score to be considered a “Positive” ad)

How To Block Certain Words in Comments On Your Facebook Ads

A suggested word blocklist

IMPORTANT NOTES ON FACEBOOK ADVERTISING: In regards to “warming up” ad accounts, it’s never been more important than it is right now. It’s super key to follow the training and not to deviate as to keep your relationship with Facebook in good standing.It is EXTREMELY important to understand Facebook’s policies, their terms, and overall all of their rules.

In regards to following the process and warming things up properly, patience is key. High ticket affiliate marketing is an extremely powerful vehicle, so it’s important to be patient as you build things and don’t rush to be successful overnight. Have patience. Practice and cultivate presence and patience through the process of building your Facebook Ads campaign and system. If you run into issues, it’s smart to learn how to troubleshoot on your own, so that you can actually bolster your skill-set instead of just running to ask for help. You want to learn this yourself, not just follow directions in the course and launch. You want to do more than that, and learn the platform and its in’s and out’s yourself, so that you can own that knowledge forever.It is very few and far between that people have that knowledge. By cultivating that yourself, you will have a skill-set that will last for the rest of your marketing career and set you apart massively. Godspeed on your journey with Facebook Ads! Let this document guide you when you are troubled, and then simply adjust your path accordingly.

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