Here’s what to do if you are getting a lot of Facebook Ad disapprovals, so you don’t get your account shut down. Simply follow the directions in the video linked below, and you can supplement those directions with the written directions below the video link.

Watch this video to see us launch 122 ads, on a completely brand new ad account never been spent on before, in about 15 minutes: VIDEO LINK

Written Directions:

1) If you are getting a lot of disapproval from trying to run your Facebook Ads, you will want to follow this process in order to boost your trust score with FB

2) You want to maintain a 10:1 ratio of approved to disapproved ads in your FB ad account. You can check your Account Quality by going to All Tools > Account Quality and you can see how many disapproved ads you’ve had in the last 30 days.

3) Once you are ready to boost your Trust Score on the account simply do the following:

  1. Create a new ad

  2. Select Engagement as the objective

  3. Don’t worry about the name of the campaign or the ad set, or the ad, it’s all just for show and is not going to be shown to anyone anyway

  4. Scroll to the ad set level, and schedule the date to start running the ad at least 1 week into the future.THIS IS HUGE! You don’t want to actually spend money on these ads. You simply want to get them approved and then delete them when you are all done with this entire process.

  5. Once you set the date to be 1 week in the future to “start” running the ads (which you will delete far before that point, so they will never run, they will just get approved), click continues to scroll to the ad level of the campaign. Don’t worry about the budget, you can use what is auto-input there already, or you can change it to $10/day, whichever you do in this case will work. Also, do not worry about the audience, as again, this will not be actually shown to anyone since we will delete it far before it ever had a chance to run. We just want to get approvals on the account, not to actually run the ads I’m showing you how to set up in this specific tutorial.

  6. Once at the ad level of the campaign, go to Unsplash and search for a picture of puppies, or flowers, or something like that. The point of this is to find an image that is DEFINITELY going to be compliant and approved. Download one you like, and upload it into FB at the ad level. AGAIN, nobody will see this ad! So the image you select doesn’t really matter. It just needs to be compliant. Be sure to check the box that lets FB crop the photo to the proper dimensions for all placements, to ensure maximum compliance

  7. Once done inserting the image, click Publish.

  8. Once you have published the ad, simply wait for it to be approved. You can refresh your screen every so often, usually, it will be approved fairly quickly since it is a very basic engagement ad.

  9. Once approved, congrats! You can tell if you have been approved by going to the Ad Level, and the ad will show as Scheduled. IMPORTANT: Your Ad will show as scheduled at the Ad Set and Campaign levels. But that doesn’t mean it is approved. It is ONLY approved when it shows “Scheduled” at the AD LEVEL. Do not duplicate until it shows it at the ad level. Once it is approved (showing as “Scheduled” at the Ad level), now you can go ahead and duplicate. I advise you to duplicate from the Ad Set Level.To duplicate, simply hover over the ad at the ad set level, and click “duplicate” to duplicate the ad set. Select to duplicate into the “Original Campaign.”Select to make 20 copies at once initially, and then escalate from there to 40 copies, 50 copies, 100, etc. as you get more and more approvals. (Remember the 10:1 ratio of approved to disapproved ads explained above)

  10. Once duplicated, wait for them all to be approved. Once they’re all approved, simply go through the duplication process outlined above (step i), over and over, until you’ve duplicated however many times you desire in total!

  11. Once you have duplicated your desired amount of times, and all the ads have been “Scheduled” aka approved, then go to the campaign level, and TURN OFF the campaign. Once it is turned off, then you can delete it. This is to ensure that it NEVER spends and that it is completely off before fully deleting it.

That’s it! This is a powerful strategy for boosting any ad account’s Trust Score with Facebook. Use this to your advantage, and you will be virtually unstoppable on Facebook.

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