1. Click on the money symbol on the left sidebar

2. Select your country and enter your banking account information.

3. If your country is NOT listed in the drop-down please click the link use Tipalti. If you have to use Tipalti skip to the next section. (Do Not use this option if your country is in the Dropdown menu. This is a no-charge option to pay you out directly into your bank account of choice!)

4. Select the type of entity you are operating as a business. (Check with a tax accountant in your area if you are unsure.)

5. Choose your Industry and Save your information.

6. Then enter your banking information.


  1. Complete this form to set up your payment information. Be advised wire transfer is expensive so choose ACH or direct deposit for a cheaper fee for your payout ($1 in most cases.)

Success! You did it!

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