Here is a step-by-step guide to connecting your Facebook Ad Account to the Oasis Software.

  1. Log into your account and click the "account settings" icon (your profile photo).

  2. Click the Ad Accounts tab

  3. Click the Facebook button to sign in to Facebook.

  4. Click "Choose what you allow" and choose the Facebook Page where you are running ads for Oasis on.

  5. You can only have one ad account integrated into the software. Keep this in mind if you are creating ads for multiple products.

  6. Follow this naming convention to make sure your ads show up in the Oasis App.

  7. Set Up Your UTM Parameter For Facebook Ads

    1. Click the "Build URL Parameter" Link

  8. You must customize this using the Campaign Source as the name of the Product and Campaign Medium as the name of the platform where you are running your ads from. (Look under this screenshot to see the proper naming for the Campaign Source and Campaign Medium for the product and platform. If you do not enter them correctly the ad will not show up in the Oasis App.)

    a. The Campaign Source identifies the source of the product. Just copy and paste the names as exactly as they are below omitting the words in brackets and paste them into the URL builder:

    • Elevate

    • AgencyTycoons

    • Ascend

    • RMR (rewire my retirement)

    • CIC (clarity in crisis)

    • SAF (stone age fuel)

    • Breathe

    • Alpha

    • Rise

    • Breakthrough

    • OasisPartner (Oasis brand partner funnel)

    b. The Campaign Medium identifies the medium within that source. Copy the name exactly as it appears below and paste it under Campaign Medium in your URL builder.

    • FacebookAds

    • YouTubeAds

    • Organic

    • Instagram

    c. The Campaign Name you will use the dynamic parameter for the adset, since all of our ads are running from the same campaign.

    i. Using unique adset names also easily allows you to identify which campaign the data is coming from (if you have multiple campaigns).

    d. Campaign Content you will use the dynamic parameter for ad.

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