Please Note: in order to complete this process you MUST have purchased a domain for your website and connected it to a product before you create your payment account as you need a domain name to add to your account. Please complete the onboarding process and return here when you have a domain.

To begin your payout process sign into the software and click the $ icon on the left sidebar.

Then click the "Create Account" button.

You will be taken to the account set up screen which looks like the image below:

Fill in all the fields that are marked with a red asterisk.

  • The Site URL is your domain name.

Click the submit button when you have completed this form.

You will then be directed to a success page screen where you will be given an Affiliate ID #. This screen will also be emailed to the address you entered.

Copy the affiliate ID# from the screen or email and click the link at the bottom of the message that reads "Or return the website HERE" bottom of the message to return to the payment method screen in the software. Alternatively, you can click the $ icon again to return to the Payment Method screen.

The screenshot below shows you where to find your Affiliate ID#.

Once you are back on the Payment Method screen you will now click the button that says "Link Account".

You will then paste your Affiliate ID in the pop-up window that appears and press the "Link" button to link your payout account to the software.

If you have successfully created your account and now have to enter the type of payment you wish to receive by click the "PAYOUT INFORMATION UPDATE FORM" link.

Setting Up Your Method of Payment

By default, you'll be set up to receive checks for commissions. If you wish to receive your commission by Wire Transfer, direct deposit, or another method you will need to update your payment information.

Click the link Payout Information Update Form link (screenshot is below for reference).

Then click the Payment Information Update link

Please enter the name and email you used to create your CCBill account.

After entering your account information, you will then be sent an email containing an access code.

Enter the code you received into the CCBill site and click the "validate" button.

Please review the message from CCBill before you start completing the form

When completing the form be sure to complete the following:


Be sure to choose "Affiliate Account" as the account type and enter your "Affiliate ID" (this is the ID you received by email from CCBill when you set up your account)


Be sure to choose "Merchant Account" as the account type and fill in the CCBill Account Number and Subaccount Number you received in an email from CCBill when you created your account.

Fill out all the fields with banking and personal information and sign the document like the example form below:

When your complete the form be sure to scroll down and click finish.

You can download or print your payment information for your records.

You will be directed to a confirmation page if you have successfully updated your payment information

You will also receive an email confirming the update of your payment information from CCBill

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