You can change your method of payment by using the following link.

Please enter the name and email you used to create your CCBill account.

After entering your account information, you will then be sent an email containing an access code.

Enter the code you received into the CCBill site and click the "validate" button.

Please review the message from CCBill before you start completing the form

When completing the form be sure to complete the following:

FOR AFFILIATES, SALES REPS, AND ADMINS - Be sure to choose "Affiliate Account" as the account type and enter your "Affiliate ID" (this is the ID you received by email from CCBill when you set up your account)

FOR PRODUCT OWNERS - Be sure to choose "Merchant Account" as the account type and fill in the CCBill Account Number and Subaccount Number you received in an email from CCBill when you created your account.

Then click the Payment Information Update link

Fill out all the fields with banking and personal information and sign the document like the example form below:

When your complete the form be sure to scroll down and click finish.

You can download or print your payment information for your records.

You will be directed to a confirmation page if you have successfully updated your payment information

You will also receive an email confirming the update of your payment information from CCBill

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